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      Here's a growing list of just a few resources for independent podcasters. We've either used or tested almost all of the resources below, or we know the founders.

      If a resource is included here, it's not an endorsement or recommendation by Podthreads.

      This list is incomplete and we're adding to it every week.

      Want to suggest a resource? Use our contact page to send your suggestion. Thanks.

      Guides and Instructional Resources

      How to Start A Podcast (by Shopify)

      How to Start A Podcast (by B&H, YouTube video)

      How to Start A Podcast (by Buffer)


      Hindenburg - Intuitive audio editor for journalists and audio editors.

      Audacity - free

      Podmotion - Editing and podcast promotion consultancy


      In this list, we've tried to include the least expensive, reliable, and feature-rich podcast hosts. The founders of Podthreads use Buzzsprout and recommend it. 

      Buzzsprout (Disclosure: Affiliate Link).



      Interview tools

      Rumble.Studio - Create asynchronous guest interviews in minutes with conversational AI. No skills required.

      Zencastr - Interview audio and video recording platform; free for hobbyist podcasters.

      Cast - An Inexpensive and easy-to-use studio platform, offering interview recording, editing, publishing and hosting.


      Uppbeat - Free music for creators



      Podcasting Podcasts